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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last time I posted, I wrote about the very first meeting regarding my trip to Australia next summer. I met up with the other students who will be attending the trip alongside me and really enjoyed talking to them. Our second meeting was supposed to be held last Saturday, but has been postponed until this Saturday. This time, we will be getting more in depth information about our travel details. We all have sent in our passport information and I received mine last week. Job offers have been a bit slow lately, but I'm still getting donations from wonderful friends, family members, and people I really don't know that well. Thanks to all for continuing to visit my site and donating to this worthy cause. Photos and more will be posted as soon as possible for the pre-trip and will be uploaded as we go on our big adventure.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/8 First Meeting

Hello everybody! Thanks for coming back and patiently waiting for this post, which by the way has been written about 4 different times over the course of this past month or so and has been getting deleted. Sorry for the delay; I'm going to be talking about a certain important event that happened well over a month ago. My mom and I drove for about an hour out to Santa Rosa for a meeting at a local Chevy's restaurant, where we met the other student ambassadors and their families. There are two other girls besides me (one girl did not make it to the meeting) and three boys, who are all very funny, smart, and it was easy to tell why they stood out enough to be welcomed into this amazing program called People to People. We all got to know each other and bonded rather quickly. It made me very comfortable to be around them and by the end of the afternoon, I found myself looking foreword even more to the trip after meeting the people who would be going with me. But don't think that the meeting was simply an eat-and-greet. We were also given some serious homework that we have about a month to complete. 2 PAGES OF WORK ABOUT OUR COUNTRY that we will need to know for our travels when people ask us about where we come from and what we know about our country's history. The worksheets consisted of about 15 or less questions about our country; for example, one question was who is our country's current governor-and other questions like that. We also have to memorize the Pledge of Allegiance (I already know it by heart; thank you St. Rosalia) and the National Anthem (which needs a little work in my case). Later on in February, we will be having another meeting (hopefully not in Santa Rosa) to get more familiar with the travel details and our first journal writing assignment. Well, that's all for now. Keep checking in at my site and I will be posting some new writing pieces and posts soon. Thanks again for the generous donations from my friends and family. Your never-ending support will never be forgotten.