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What is life?
It is the soft bending of trees
and the swaying of the grass in the moonlight.
It is the blinding morning
sunlight that glistens like the
bright stars in the night sky.
What is love?
It is something to be cherished,
to be held close to our hearts
in a tightly clenched grasp that never weakens.
Will we ever say we've had enough?
What is anger, what is joy?
What is the meaning of all these things
that are believed to be toys?
What is time?
It is the ticking of the granfather clock in my grandmother's
kitchen; the moments in life that can never be repeated.
Time is the click of a camera,
freezing moments, even if only for a second.
The shining in a mother's eyes; the warm embrace between
long-lost friends; the majestic crashing of
waves on the shore.
Moments like these need to be
remembered, lived fully and completely.
To never regret and wish to be changed,
moments like these are ours to claim.
Go forth and create memories,
the ones you will take
to the grave.
Things will never be the same.