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The Pursuit Of Happiness

When life hands us lemons,
we usually “make lemonade”.
But sometimes,
that’s not always the case.
we don’t need lemons.
all we need is happiness.
And the people who can give us that.
The people who make us grateful to be alive-to spend yet another
day on this earth-those are the people who make
such little time last forever.
Some say lemons are the key to life, the reason
we came to be.
Others say faith brought us here, to the place where we now
Look around you and tell me
what you see.
There is no wrong answer, just the truth.
Do you see something that is living?
Something that has a source of light
that shines and reflects on the world around us?
Does it move, does it feel?
Is it even real?
If you haven’t found that light quite yet,
please know that it will be found
in time.
Life seems to love the liver of it, the part
of us that is needed for
We need to find what we seek on our
quest for happiness
For genuine joy.
Do you even know what drives you to rise
out of bed and
get on with the day ahead of you?
Is it love?
The love of another human being?
The love of living life, free and uncontrolled?
Is it fear of too little time?
Fear of not spending that time wisely,
simply wasting it.
When those fears begin to overcome your soul,
remind yourself that you’re strong
and then question yourself.
Are you giving it away like it’s extra change?
Are you really biding your time?
Or are you hanging yourself out to dry,
waiting for the time for
your spirit to fly.