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Sunday, April 3, 2011

4/3 Third Meeting

Today, I met up with the other cantidates that will be accompanying me on my trip to Australia, taking place on July 16, 2011. We will be gone for about two and a half weeks, exploring the different cities and hot spots of Australia. In this meeting, we broke off into groups: teens with teens, parents with parents. While the parents discussed the importance of money, phone calls, gifts, etc we gathered together and asked questions to get to know each other better. The questions were really just good conversation starters; we were supposed to let the conversation kind of flow to make us feel more comfortable. But, oh well. We all like each other fairly well, so that's a plus. I have a feeling this trip will be a blast; I've already met the other teens and their families and for the most part,  they are all pretty normal. I loved getting to know my new pals better today, especially in an environment where there was a home-friendly vibe. You know what I mean? Very comfy and casual, like jeans and a T-shirt. We met up at a cantidates house and met his family, talking and having a blast while watching my little sister yell "Hi" to no one in particular. The trip is in less than 103 days, according to Kristina, the lady in charge of our trip. We are all very excited to be visiting Australia and traveling together to a new place. I've been a bit low on cash lately, with the few babysitting jobs I can dig up. But I've been getting some donations, which are always helpful and much appreciated. So, keep visiting the site and donating to help me get to Australia. All donations and your time spent here is much appreciated. Thanks! Talk to you soon.

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